WE SELL FOR YOU enables a retail business or manufacturer to offload their excess inventory from previous seasons into the warehouse where complete storage, management, and sales fulfillment processes are strategically placed for the best sales opportunity. will pay for the shipping costs to get the inventory to their warehouses and will provide all product setup and fulfillment through the close of the sale. will pay the participating business 50% of wholesale cost on all products sold. If after 120 days the inventory has not sold will at it’s own cost ship the inventory back to the participating business or optionally provide a partnered non-profit charity solution to distribute needed sports gear to those in need around the world, while providing a substantial tax write-off solution. 

All inventory received will be listed on a custom website created specifically for the participating business,, and Amazon sales channels. Product will be listed at 50% off retail and will be reduced on a planned schedule until the product sells or the 120 day expiration is reached.

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Josh - Relationship Manager

Relationship Manager

Josh Saenz
Presentation of services
Client support
E-commerce Analysis
Financial reporting

James - Development Manager

Development Manager

James Robinson
E-commerce website creation
Search engine optimization
Email setup & maintenance
Website security

Amy - Product Manager

Product Manager

Amy Couchman
Product setup & maintenance
Product promotions maintenance
Website product quality assurance
Amazon sales channel sync

Parker - Social Manager

Social Manager

Parker Austad
Social channels setup & maintenance
Product social connection
Routine and custom posts
Facebook, Instragram, Twitter

Blaine - Order Manager

Order Manager

Blaine Sickels
Daily orders retrieval
Order customer support
Order tracking maintenance
Amazon customer support



Offload Excess Inventory

Storing older inventory that is not selling is actually losing your business revenue. Turn that inventory into cash that can be re-invested into your better selling products.

Warehouse Storage has it's own warehouse space optimized to store sports equipment and provide a quick delivery solution to our sales fulfillment staff.

Product Management

When inventory is received by we carefully load onto all sales channels for an optimal experience to the potential buyers.

Sales Channels

Strategic sales channels including a custom website for the business, along with product listing on and Amazon sales channels.


Fulfillment Processes handles all aspects of the fulfillment processes. Warehouse storage, sales, customer support and fulfillment shipping is all included.

Full Cycle Inventory

From selling products at MAP pricing in your stores, to clearance, and then to liquidation we can help create a documented cycle to help with your business inventory cycling.

Winning Solution

It makes sense to outsource your liquidation products to a company who specializes in selling to a world wide audience. We look forward to working with you.

E-Commerce Team

Managers in e-commerce creation, product development, order management, and social networking, along with your personally assigned relationship manager.